A new future – an important announcement about PageDo

by Matthew Ogston on December 8, 2010

Further to the email sent to all registered users on October 17th, all existing landing pages will stop working as of Friday 17th December 2010. You will still be able to login to PageDo using your existing username and password, but all of your pages will be de-activated. After this date you will no longer be able to accept any new leads on your landing pages.

This has been a hard decision, but after a lot of debate internally we felt this step was absolutely necessary to make the transition to PageDo v2.0 as smooth as possible.

Please ensure that you have reviewed any marketing campaigns and updated them accordingly before Friday 17th December 2010.

Soon after this date we will start migrating existing user accounts across to the new PageDo. A small number of you will be invited to enrol into our partner program where you will get first access to some of the powerful new functionality available in PageDo. We will then activate all existing accounts and re-open for general public registration.

Please drop the team an email (support@pagedo.com) if you have any questions or concerns. I will answer each one personally.

Thank you for your continued support, and I look forward to sharing more information about our exciting new direction over the coming weeks.


When will my landing page stop working?
Friday 17th December.

Can I export my data out of PageDo?
Yes. You can do this by viewing your leads for each landing page in your control panel, and then copying and pasting the data into a new document on your computer.

What will happen to my existing landing page URLs?
All existing landing pages will be de-activated and so the URLs pointing to them will stop working also. Please contact support if you would redirects put into place.

Will I still be able to login to PageDo after the change?
Yes. Your existing username and password will continue to work and you will be registered automatically into one of our new monthly plans.

I’m currently on a paid plan, can I get a refund?
Yes, please contact support@pagedo.com if you would like to request this.

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